Surround Yourself With Successful People

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Do you consider the people you surround yourself with, successful? Do they reflect your beliefs or goals? Are they possibly people that you strive to be?

If you answered no to even one of those questions, you should continue reading this article. Even if it is just one person in your life – friend, coworker, even a family member… continue reading. The people you associate with directly reflect your success – that one (or more) person could be holding you back from your full potential…

Reassess your inner circle…

You should take the time to really reassess your inner circle; friends and even family. Assuming that you want to be successful, you need to surround yourself with those kinds of people. Starting from the “inner circle” and working your way outward makes the most difficult decisions, the first you make.

The decision itself is – should you “cut” those who aren’t successful from your inner circle. If that is your ultimate goal, to be successful, you should. I am not saying to alienate them, you should continue to communicate and associate with them – but your inner circle should be ones you aspire to be.

This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make when it came to my friends and family. Knowing that I did not want to continue on the path that I was, and I definitely did not want to go down the path they were going – I knew that was exactly what I had to do. I cut them from my inner circle after that realization. I limited my time with them, and hardly included them in on my ideas or decision-making. The reason I had to remove them from my inner circle is where I’ll continue from…

Reasons to remove someone from your inner circle…

The reasons are obvious for some – but for others; I wanted to suggest some solid reasons why someone in your inner circle shouldn’t be there. Here are a few reasons that I will remove someone or not accept them in…

  • Small/narrow-minded – isn’t a big thinker.
  • Complains and/or won’t take responsibility for their actions.
  • Lies
  • Isn’t someone I aspire to be and/or isn’t goal driven

Those are just a few that I ask myself if they are worth my time. You should also be asking yourself the same questions. This does not mean you shouldn’t talk to people with these traits – it’s just people you should avoid investing a lot of time into. I, personally, avoid speaking of my goals, both short term and long-term, with people that have any of those negative traits…

Keep that inner circle tight…

successful inner circle

Not only should this inner circle be successful and strive for the same goals and achievements as yourself – it should also be tight-knit. Remember, this circle of yours is like-minded – this group is where all your knowledge, ideas, and dreams are shared with. Keeping this not only tight, but small, will do nothing but radiate success – from the inside and outwards from there.

The tighter you keep this, the more ideas, knowledge, and confidence will grow from it – but remember, ensuring you share the same goals and achievements as ALL of them is key.

Work outward…

successful circle

This topic falls along in line with the previous topic, with the fact that once that tight-knit inner circle is formed and starts radiating outward; those on the outer “rings”, (the other people in your life that are in your circle but don’t completely belong in the inner ring) – begin to feel the success and determination radiating through you. It’s a domino style effect.

This can be a great thing. When someone enjoys your presence and see you successful – and accomplishing things they wish they could – some things that you didn’t like about them could change. Even better, it is very possible that they could ask you, “what have you been doing lately to accomplish your goals?. Or, “I would love to be a part of your success, share it with me”. At that point, you could let them know, straight forward, what keeps them out. You must be completely honest, and I won’t go into the importance of honesty in this article – but needless to say – it’s crucial at that point to be honest.

You could bring others from outside, closer to you, just by the success generated from those within… I have seen it, I have been a part of it. It works, and can work in your favor.


successful peopleTo conclude, I’ll leave out all the theory and give it to you very simply… If you surround yourself with unsuccessful, broke, unhappy individuals – you will become one of them.

Why would anyone want that? Surround yourself with successful, positive people, to maintain and/or become that. It will radiate from them into you, and you will radiate in the same way into other potentially successful people as well.

Here at Conquer Life, I strive to help people towards greatness – and overcoming those obsticles in life that are keeping them back from reaching their full potential – and time and time again I talk to people that are being held back by “friends” of theirs that are holding them back or steering them in the wrong direction. I have also seen some where their family members are doing the same. Do yourself, your community, your country a favor – and reach your potential by surrounding yourself with sucessful people, and becoming and/or maintaining your success.  Surround yourself with successful people, now!

Until next time, take care my friend!


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