Solutions to Depression and Anxiety


I will start of saying – I am not a doctor. I am only sharing my experience and what I have done to deal or eliminate these issues. With that being said, I have suffered from both anxiety and depression – severe cases of both even. I’ll share with you what I have done or used to combat both – and ways to prevent it from reoccurring.

Accepting and understanding you suffer from a common problem

There is an issue with society that people don’t want to admit they have a problem. Some won’t admit they suffer from anxiety or depression even though they know deep down they do. Do yourself a favor, accept it. There isn’t anything wrong with you. Everyone suffers from either problem from time to time. The severity of it is what you have to figure out.

Personally, throughout my life, I have suffered from severe depression. There were two time periods in my life (about a year long, each) where the only thing I wanted to do was sleep. Here are the issues (at the time) that I had that I had to admit and face.

  • Didn’t want to face my problems.
  • Had just left the military, the economy crashed, I didn’t have a job and was living with my parents.
  • Was overwhelmed and severely depressed.
  • Didn’t start crawling out of the gutter until I started changing the way I actually thought about the world and life in general.
  • I have (and still do) suffer from anxiety.

Later in this article I’ll tell you my exact solutions to depression and anxiety – next up is how they both feed on each other.

Anxiety and depression feed on themselves

What I mean is that anxiety can/will cause depression and vise-versa. This is very common and something that I have learned to pick up on over the years and take action to prevent it from going any further.

Example: for whatever reason you may be having money issues – you know you don’t have enough money to pay for rent. The closer to the beginning of next month gets, you get more anxious/stressed. At some point you may think there is no way you can get the money you need. You shut down. Depression has kicked in. You don’t want to get out of bed – there is no point, right?! You can’t get yourself out of it. Instead of getting out of bed and making something happen, you’re in bed when then turns the table the opposite way, slowly causing anxiety. It’s a revolving door.

Again, that was only an example, and the short version of what I experienced, time and time again. I’ll follow up with how I combat depression and then anxiety.

Fighting depression – get motivated

Assuming you suffer from depression and want to get better, I’ll tell you what I did to crawl out of it.

  • Get a gym membership! This is the first thing that I did that changed my life. Working out or staying active releases chemicals in the brain that counteracts depression – and y you can tell… even after the first visit. There are all kinds of affordable gyms around you I’m sure – Gold’s Gym, Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness etc. Seeing your time being used for something good, and seeing yourself improve and change is a great motivator. It also helps with the fact that others will notice.
  • Remove negative people from your life. Surrounding yourself with positive people is crucial to your success at fighting depression and bettering your life in general. If you work with someone that incredibly negative, pay them ZERO attention. They are miserable people and want to bring you down with them. If you have friends or family that are incredibly negative, cut ties – it will be so much easier for you to progress and improve yourself. They aren’t worth your time. Trying to change these people is almost always unsuccessful, they won’t change for anyone but themselves – remember that.
  • READ! There are so many books that can change the way you look and deal with certain situations. Personally, I would recommend Unlimited Power – Awaken The Giant WithinYou Are A BadassHow Successful People Think. They are incredibly motivational and uplifting. You’ll also have the upper hand over someone who doesn’t have that knowledge. Knowledge is power – remember that.
  • Find your purpose. This may be a bit more difficult – but attempt to all yourself why you are here, what you are passionate about. Maybe it’s being your own boss and working from home as an affiliate marketer or maybe it’s helping the public by motivating them or health care. Whatever it may be, seriously think about it. Figuring that out, and knowing it isn’t going to be easy and accept it – will be an incredible motivator. You’ll have a major goal, something great to work towards. A purpose.

Anxiety – understanding the triggers

Text book of changing yourself and axiety

When it comes to solutions to depression and anxiety – anxiety is some-what more difficult to manage. There are an unlimited number of situations and/or events that can make you anxious. Knowing what the major triggers of it can be of tremendous help. I’ll give you an example from myself.

I worry a lot. I worry about things that I shouldn’t at times, but more than anything, I’ll worry about the possibility of something going wrong. About an hour before I go to bed I’ll get very anxious about the next day at work (I used to be a lot worse than I am now). I would get anxious about whether the next day would be smooth, whether someone would try to put me on the spot and attempt to make me feel stupid – down to whether I would be able to get off on time so that I could do the things that I needed to the next day.

The first trigger would snowball into severe anxiety – to the point that I couldn’t go to sleep. Different scenarios would be running through my mind that I would “plan” for the next day – next thing I knew I would have noticed that I had been laying in bed for 2 or more hours thinking about the “what if”.

Once I noticed what was happening and that I needed to get a grip on the situation, I started to think of different ways that I could combat the anxiety itself. When you actively attempt to change yourself – no matter the difficulty – you will succeed. This is what I have done over the last couple years that has helped me out tremendously…

  • READ! Read, read, read!!! The knowledge that is contained within books based around anxiety are incredible. Books based around inspiration are as well. Personally, I would recommend The Anxiety and Worry Workbook – Unfuck Your Brain – First We Make The Beast Beautiful – they all have helped me through very tough times. These books, like anything else, only work if you actually apply them to your life.
  • CBD/Hemp Oil: I started taking cbd roughly 6 months ago – and it has also helped me incredibly. You DO NOT feel high, disoriented, or jittery. It has an extremely subtle calming effect – and you’ll only notice it once you realize that you are calmer – like if a person cut you off on the road and normally you would get upset, but now you aren’t – that kind of realization. It is completely legal in all 50 states – and can be purchased either in person or online. I would recommend these brands CBDistillery , GoGreenHemp. I have purchased from both of these companies. They’re extremely reputable and I  would highly recommend them.
  • A workout plan/schedule: The reason that I recommend a plan/coach/schedule is for the structure. Knowing what you need to do to get results will leave your mind stress free to just focus on what you are actually doing. Again, I would recommend a gym – if you decide that route, attempt to get a trainer. Physical activity and growth is incredibly beneficial to not only the body, but the mind.
  • Meditation: I will state that I have not reached a place in my life where I have mastered this. I have only been actively engaging in meditation for about a year. But so far it has really been the building blocks for the beginning and end of the day. I will also be writing an entire article (the next couple months) from what I have gathered and obtained through meditation.

So what should you do with this information?

You should act upon it. Take the time to invest in yourself. Use the money that you would have gone to eat dinner at a decent restaurant – to buy yourself a gym membership for the month. Get up and actually go to the gym – use the time you would watch television to go and workout. Combine all the little bits of time you take throughout the day on Facebook and read a book instead. Instead of watching TV before going to bed – meditate.

I only say all of this because I used to do all of that. That was my life – and it was all wrong. Learn from my mistakes. Remove all the negative people that bring you down and hold you back from your full potential. Find your purpose and give your life more meaning (if you haven’t already). Get a gym membership and go to the gym. Buy a workout plan if you have to – do not feel ashamed. Be more positively active with your life because being active does not mean you are getting more done (at times that is only an illusion) – be more constructively productive.


If you apply the areas that I mentioned and stick with them – that means going to the gym when you don’t want to – then you’ll succeed at ridding yourself of the severe to moderate times of depression… I guarantee it.

Please leave a comment below sharing with us your story or a time when you dealt with these issues and how you are dealing with them now. We would love to hear from you. Thank you all for reading.







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