Daily Motivational Quotes

Daily motivaational Quotes

Motivating and inspiring is my goal here at Conquer Life. Being able to motivate someone into making today their absolute best – is what actually motivates me to continue doing what I am. I thought I would make a daily motivational quotes post that I hope will motivate you to conquer your day – because a quote may be all it may take to do just that. I’ll start my daily motivational quotes’ list with one I think of on a daily basis…

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” -Eleanor Roosevelt


If you strive for greatness – think big;  have ideas – make that what occupies your mind, time, and energy.  Follow through with them. Don’t worry about the small stuff or things you can’t change – and figure out who in your circle does and thinks the same.  For those who don’t,  aka, small minded people; let them go. It really is in your best interest.


“Everyone you meet knows something you don’t”

27- November-2018

Always remember this. Stay open minded to to what other people say and take their life experiences into consideration. They didn’t live your life, they lived theirs. You will learn a lot by living by this quote.

“Nothing in life worth achieving is easy. The more difficult it is, the more ‘worth it’ it becomes.”

Daily motivaational Quotes

This daily motivational quote helps me everyday. We may do something on a daily basis that isn’t easy. This quote motivates me to continue to chipping or grinding away at that task to one day conquer it. You may have tried something when you were younger, or within the last year, or possibly in the future that you attempt and fail at. To motivate me past the point of giving up – I think back on this very quote. Nothing worth anything is easy – the most difficult tasks or goals that you have yield far better rewards.

There are some people in life that can never grasp this quote – as for you, it’s your choice to use and think about it from time to time when times get tough – and you have that motivation over the person next to you. Remember that.

“If you can dream it, you can do it” -Walt Disney

Daily motivaational Quotes

I have told myself this many times over the years – but never actually believed it. It wasn’t until I actively changed my life and told myself (literally out loud), ” I can do it”, until i actually took this to heart. I advise you do the same. Stop doubting yourself. Know your worth – know that if you can dream an idea, there is nothing stopping you from achieving it.

“I am not afraid, I was born to do this” – Joan of Arc

Daily motivaational Quotes

Are you incredibly passionate about something but something, whatever that may be, is holding you back? Could your fear of the outcome be holding you back from your full potential? If yes, even in the slightest, then remember this quote. If you are passionate about something enough – or to the point where you feel you would risk it all to reach the top – then stop being afraid. You were born to do this. You weren’t meant and chosen to do it. Stop being afraid and go get it.

“Setup tomorrow by striving towards greatness today

The outcome of today is lies solely on the actions you make. It can be great, average, poor, or a variation of those. It all comes down to what you chose to do – the same can be said about tomorrow. Don’t make your actions today benefit just today – setup tomorrow by keeping that in mind today. Doing great today will lead to greatness tomorrow.

“Well done is better than well said” – Benjamin Franklin

The meaning is obvious, and should define your life in general. Actually doing something mean far more than saying you’ll do it. In my opinion, nothing tarnishes you reputation or the way I look at someone more than them not following through on what they say they are going to do. Live by this quote every day.

“I’ve found that luck is pretty predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Show up more often.” -Brian Tracy

Daily motivaational Quotes

Some, not all, look at life in general as luck. Personally, I don’t – but if you do, take more chances. Show up more to events or conventions to increase your chances of getting “lucky”.

I take this quote a little different – I replace luck with life (kinda) – and that life is predictable and if you want to live more, take more chances – you’ll be living more. I like this because there are multiple ways to interpret it.




I would like to take the time to thank you for reading these daily motivational quotes. I hope you get something out of them like I have. I update these daily motivational quotes – daily – regardless if it’s a holiday or not. Many folks need the most motivation on the holidays – and that’s why I’m here – to help. I post the quotes from the top of the page so you see the newest ones first.


Please feel free to read my other articles – which are geared towards psychological development (more in the future), Benefits To Being Opened Minded, Why Do People Fear Failure, to name a few. I started Conquer Life to motivate and inspire you through my experiences and knowledge – to do just that – Conquer Life.

I always recommend reading motivational and inspirational books like Awaken The Giant Within, Extreme Ownership, Unfu*k Yourself – to name a few. I would HIGHLY recommend not only those books, but many more.

Till next time, take care my friend!


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