Benefits To Being Open Minded

renewing the mind for being open minded

Being opened minded is critical for personal development. You can not conquer your life and goals without it. I would consider the majority of society to be the opposite, close minded. They would rather continue to do and believe in what they perceive has worked for them – and take no advice on what they could to improve their situation. We know, here at ConquerLife, being open-minded is incredibly important. Here are the benefits to being opened minded that I will cover with you today.

  • Open to change.
  • Willingness to understand that maybe you’re wrong.
  • Gaining knowledge that you could leverage to improve yourself and/or your environment.
  • The ability to listen to one’s ideas and beliefs and actually care about what they are saying.

There are many more benefits to being opened minded – but when I think “being opened minded”, those are the one’s that stand out to me the most. Let’s start with open to change.

Open to change…

being open minded to change

Being open to change is one of, if not the most important aspects of being opened minded. Being truly open-minded will undoubtedly lead to change. If you believe or do one thing a certain way and open your mind to something else or a different way to do something – your actions thereafter (even to the slightest degree), will change.

Even though many people don’t like change, change is one of the greatest actions anyone can take. It offers new experiences, sometimes the ability to meet new people, and most importantly, the opportunity for personal growth.

I have been told by so many people that they don’t like something about themselves or their life. They don’t like their job, their relationship, their self-image, etc. I have attempted to give those same people advice, and they refuse to try it – why? Because they aren’t open-minded and willing enough to change. If you don’t like something about you or your life, and you continue to do the exact same thing, how do you expect anything to get better? Change, tops the list of benefits to being opened minded, by far, in my book. Open your mind, change the way you think, to change the way you live and the world around you.

Willingness to understand that maybe you’re wrong…

understanding you are wrong open minded

What is so wrong about being wrong? Ask yourself that. Why is it so hard for the average person to not only admit they are wrong, but to change the wrong action that they have done and continue to do.

There could be many reasons why one wouldn’t want to admit they’re wrong, and take the actions to make it right – I won’t be covering all of that in this article – but what I will say is that most people that can’t admit it also are unwilling to take feedback on how to change and better themselves from it.

It is OK to be wrong. It is also recommended that you are open to the fact that yes, you’re wrong, so what are the actions or information or proof that you need to make your beliefs or actions correct. Being open to this corrective action is critical in your personal growth. You will benefit by not only having the correct information (or their opinion), you will also be able to pass this information on to the next guy that you talk to with the same issue or belief. This leads into our next benefits to being open-minded topic, knowledge.

Gaining knowledge to improve yourself

gain knowledge by being open minded

Knowledge is power – plain and simple. The more you know over the next guy is what sets you two apart. The way you execute this knowledge also plays a major factor – but the basis of all power starts with knowledge.

With that being said, why wouldn’t someone be open-minded enough to absorb this information and leverage that information (or knowledge) to improve on themselves or their surroundings? The answer is, feeling less superior to the next person.

You see, to be truly open-minded, you have to accept the fact that the person next to you knows more than you might. But at the same time, I’m sure you may know more than him. Be open to the fact that you aren’t less superior, but improving your knowledge. People learn from other people. Very rarely is anyone completely self-taught. Let go of your ego, pride, or whatever you’re holding – and open your mind to what they know, and use that information to improve your knowledge.

The ability to actually listen…

the ability to actually listen open minded

If someone is completely closed minded about a topic, and they are nice about it, they will seem like they are actually listening to you. In reality, they stopped listening to everything you’ve said past the point of what they believe in.

I used to be extremely closed minded. My example to this would be when some of my buddies would talk about computers. For anyone who knows computers, Intel and AMD have been competing for years. I’m an Intel guy, through and through – whatever I heard about AMD meant nothing to me – and it’s exactly that. Whenever my buddies would talk about AMD, I would nod my head and agree, but I wouldn’t really be listening and I would always conclude with something about how Intel is and always will be better than them.

It wasn’t until I opened my mind that I was able to actually listen to them and understand what they were trying to get across. Yes, Intel has a better track record, but AMD is cheaper and for gaming they aren’t that bad of a processor at all. I since bought AMD products over Intel – and they aren’t sub=par products either.

If it wasn’t for being opened minded and listening to them – I would have never stepped out of the box and bought a different product.

Let’s sum it up…

Summing up open mindedness

A state of open mindedness goes very far.  Much further than I talk about here. It ultimately leads to change and a much better version of yourself.  The knowledge you obtain throughout your life by being open to others is what makes it worth it. Remember, knowledge is power.

The change could lead to something like working from home and being your own boss, to reading books that better yourself, or doing something totally different from you would have ever expected because of a single or small group of people convinced you to do so… and it could work… all it takes is being open to other people ideas and using that to better yourself.

Thank you for reading – and until next time, take care of yourself!! Feel free to read my other articles!


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