About Conquer Life

I would like to welcome you to Conquer Life. Stumbling across us could very well change everything…

About Roland

I (Roland), have been through difficult times, had a troubled childhood, and still manage to succeed in life. I have personally been through foster care, troubled families, have made very poor decisions and have been at very low points in my life. I have conquered many obstacles, created my own path ( instead of life making it for me) and have come out of the end a much stronger person in nearly every aspect.

As you read my posts, and as I create new ones – you’ll start to slowly learn and learn the specifics of my story and what exactly I have been through.

I want to help

I want to use the knowledge that I have obtained through life to help you in the same situation I have been through. Maybe you don’t have close friends to lean on, or maybe you do but don’t feel comfortable enough to talk about really personal issues. That’s what I am here for – real talk. The internet is a special place – you can be completely anonymous and work on your issues and voice them, without a face.

I ultimately want to help anyone with the issues I have dealt with. If I manage to help just one person – that’ll make me more than happy. Conquering life is taking charge of every aspect of life – we will most definitely get you there.

My goal

I stated previously – I ultimately want to help. In every aspect of life – weight loss, self-esteem, relationship issues, fitness goals, financial goals… And the list goes on. I have started this site to hopefully create a brand… Something I can be proud of – I have thought for years about this…I believe strongly that it’s my purpose.

I will be making each part of the website’s content in sections. The first section is mental health– followed by fitness. I have planned to be working on each section no more than 90 days.

Stick around, join a discussion, I would love to bounce ideas and experiences off each other – and I will learn from you as well. It’s nothing but positive.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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